Final Cut Pro X Tips For Every Video Editor

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The best video editors know that they have to find a balance between quality and speed when it comes to putting together a video clip. This means that you have to be fully aware of all the options available to you when you are using Final Cut Pro X. This will not only ensure that you will produce an aesthetically pleasing clip but that you will also do it quickly. You need to be able to manipulate media, audio, free FCPX effects, and other features with the greatest of ease. Here are some tips and tricks that you can learn about Final Cut Pro X:

You can either get free FCPX effects online or use the ones provided by the Final Cut Pro X software. Here is some important information:
•    When you are trying to color correct when editing, you should always employ video scopes. You will be able to see a great more detail, particularly if you are playing close attention to the clips.
•    Blurring the blue channel can help you cover up a multitude of errors. This includes reducing video noise or cleaning up details such as physical blemishes.
•    If you want to see two or more images on the screen simultaneously, they need to be stacked. The alternative to this is to use drop-zones.

Here are some tips that will help you edit your videos better:
•    It is always best to store less than 3000 video clips in the free FCPX transitions library.
•    Use Project Properties to change the render file settings at any time.
•    You should only change your frame rate when there are no clips present in the timeline. The presence of clips can disrupt your most or all of your edits.
•    You cannot mix audio in between tracks or combine images from different angles with multi-cam editing.

Here is how you can manage your media better:
•    The more a codec has to compress a file, the great the amount of color information that is lost. For media that has had a great deal of color correction, use a codec that only does minimal compression.
•    To make media easier to share, you should store in a location separate from the library. This will make it simpler to share between libraries and editors.
•    Use still images that are smaller than 10,000 pixels on a single side. It will make it easier for free fcpx transitions to work with each image.
All of these tips and tricks will help you create videos faster and better than before. They will also help you to maneuver through the software much better.