Overcoming The Lack Of Productivity In Your Business

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There are moments where productivity just hits a down low, you (or your employees) don’t feel like doing anything, not one original thought passes the mind and that’s all natural. However prolong lack of productivity is a hint of lethargy and that’s not a good thing as it can be very damaging to your business. Here are a few ways to overcome the lack of productivity.
Indentifying and Quantifying the Tasks at HandOvercoming lack of productivity begins with careful analysis of the tasks at hand or the task you intend to perform. Begin by writing down all tasks so that you can visually recognize them. Begin by placing the most prominent tasks, that is the most difficult or tasks with a tight deadline right at the top. And set yourself a timer for each task to be performed.
Motivating yourself to become betterWhen you speak of productivity, motivation is the next word that follows, they both go hand in hand, and you don’t get one without the other. That being said, the key method to increase productivity is by exposure to the right motivation. Now many people confuse money with motivation, it’s only partly true. True motivation means satisfying one’s basic needs or one’s inner desires. Even it means including a motivational poster in your work environment, do it as long as you feel like you want to do something.
Making Use of Software ToolsOne may think why even do everything in pen and paper when you can do everything via your smart-phones, tablets and computers. Of course there is a truth in both, while studies say those who write things down actually perform better, one cannot forget the ease of technology. For example the use of Google Calendar to mark your appointments for the month, not only will you be able to see it in all platforms, but even have occasional reminders in the pal, of your hand via your smart-phone. All you need to do is simply look for mobile business applications in your online app store from your phone.
Mobile business applications have been tailor made to assist you in your various activities depending on your activity and the type of application. For example there are apps that will constantly remind you to perform your tasks in case you forget and helps establish strict deadlines as well. Examples of apps include Evernote,.
ExpensifyAvoiding Common MistakesThe most common mistake that most people perform is take a little too much of breaks in between work. It is by far more beneficial that you take a big break in the end than take a lot of little ones that can eventually have you start procrastinating. Don’t get into the habit of rewarding yourself for every little accomplishment, this creates a negative factor, instead reward yourself only when major tasks of avaya ip telephones are accomplished and when you finally get your work done.